I caught myself feeling somehow embarrassing for me to tell her about my children, because she could easily be sarcastically joking about being a "crazy mother-eater" or saying "we have no interest club here, who goes to the toilet like ". I will note that I have never allowed such details in my speech.

We often think that way: daffodils are people who are deeply immersed in themselves, who do not have the ability to see others, and who dive much less into their lives. They don't know how to be compassionate and they don't know how to take care of anyone except themselves. They are narcissistic egoists. But actually everything is not that simple ...

Is my girlfriend like that? I felt very sad about the realization of this thought, and I did not want to accept it. While we were driving home from a picnic,xixx I silently analyzed the last years of our friendship.

I remembered how she broke up with a man with whom xlxxx she had spent a couple of years in a civil marriage, remembered how she had experienced this gap and how she blamed herself. She remembered how in high school she was constantly dissatisfied with her appearance and how she became hysterical due to poor grades, remembered how unhappy her parents were with marriage and how much she got in her childhood.

Every mania has a downside. In the megalomania - mania of nullity, in mania everything to control - the mania of desire to be under control.

I suddenly felt very sorry xxlx for her.

Daffodils are in fact deeply unhappy people, dissatisfied with themselves and dissatisfied with the world xlxx com around them. They have to be convinced in their beauty and in their thoughts. They are endlessly looking for external charging because they cannot find it in themselves.

Friendship expiration date

But xxlxx I am also not a psychologist, not her former lover and not a sorceress from the land of the unicorns. I am also a living person, a mother of two children, a woman and just a woman with a lot of different problems and difficulties.

You can talk for a long time about the debauchery of daffodils, their morals and their tactless behavior. However, it is better to listen to yourself. If it is impossible to explain to similar people what you specifically do not like, and the more it is impossible to change the situation, it is better to ask yourself honestly: why do you even communicate with them?

I drove and thought of her. The fact that xxnxx I did not answer the phone and did not listen to her next adventures did not ruin our vacation, but what dark thoughts she had given me with her phone calls and messages certainly did her job.

You know, when people borrow money from us and don't give us back, we are ashamed to ask them back. But xlx we rarely think about why we are not ashamed of someone who takes and doesn't give.

Here too, I still felt guilty for xsxx not answering the phone. However, did she feel guilty about herself every time she called me after noon or while walking with children? At the time they were sick, or when we just had a family vacation? Of course not.

On the way home I suddenly realized that xnxxxx friendship probably has an expiration date. And probably ours is over.


Six months later I tried to explain to her again xxxnxx how I felt in her company. I was calm and careful in my statements. My monologue lasted no longer than 3 minutes.

"Oh, I think you're blaspheming," she told me, and again she started xxxnx talking about herself. A lot of. For a long time. And nothing.

I thought she needed me. But I was wrong. I, as a person, as a person, as a friend, did not care at all. That was our last meeting. Communicating with daffodils is not for me. I decided that and I don't regret it at all.